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TatraCity – Černyševského

Entry Image TatraCity 2_FV

Total property space: 4.122 sqm
Land: 807 sqm
Parking: 34
Completion year: 2001
Location: Bratislava, Petržalka

Bratislava CBD

Photo taken in Bratislava, Slovakia

Total property space: 15.000 sqm
Land: 8.500 sqm
Parking: 150
Completion year: 2000
Location: Bratislava, Ružinov

Bratislava, Nové Mesto

The city of Bratislava, as seen from the UFO Bridge (Most SNP).

Total property space: 10.000 sqm
Land: 15.000 sqm
Parking: 80
Completion year: 2000
Location: Bratislava, Nové Mesto

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All portfolio assets

Tallerova, Bratislava

Tallerova B

Total usable area: 1.929 sqm
Build-up area: 978 sqm
Land: 1.567 sqm
Partial refurbishment
Location: Bratislava, City Center


Pezinok B

Total usable area: 1.660 sqm
Usable area: 774 sqm
Land: 774 sqm
Partial refurbishment
Location: Pezinok, City Center



Total usable area: 610 sqm
Build-up area: 290 sqm
Land: 1.333 sqm
Partial refurbishment
Location: Trnava

Rimavská Sobota


Total usable area: 891 sqm
Build-up area: 316 sqm
Land: 473 sqm
Partial refurbishment
Location: Rimavská Sobota, City Center

Dunajská Streda


Total usable area: 462 sqm
Build-up area: 280 sqm
Land: 561 sqm
Partial refurbishment
Location: Dunajská Streda, City Center



Total usable area: 891 sqm
Build-up area: 155 sqm
Land: 360 sqm
Partial refurbishment
Location: Humenné, City Center

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